Saturday, February 12, 2022

In my basement

l-r, Peter Zaremba, Marek Pakulski, Lenny Caldron, Keith Streng in 1977. Photo by James Hamilton
Over at FFanzeen: Rock'n'Roll Attitude With Integrity, Robert Barry Francos has unearthed an interview with Peter Zaremba, Keith Streng, Marek Pakulski, and Lenny Calderon conducted at the infamous house in Queens where Streng and Pakuslki lived and where in the basement they'd discovered the left-behind instruments that would spark the eventual formation of The Fleshtones. The conversation took place at a Halloween party in 1977, and also hanging around were Chris Stamey, Gordon Spaeth, filmmaker M. Henry Jones, and The Zantees and future A-Bones' singer Billy Miller. Alas, there's no info on who's wearing what costume.

My favorite passage:
FF: What do you do during the daytime?
Peter: Generally, I wake up six or seven in the evening. And then we rehearse.
Billy Miller: Then he goes over to Miriam’s [Linna] house.
Peter: Then I go over to Miriam’s house.
Keith: And listen to her great record collection.

FF: Do you plan to tour?
Keith: Yeah, tomorrow we play in his house and the day after in my basement.
Ah, youth. Full interview here.

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