Tuesday, December 7, 2021

"Get down to the meaning"

The good folks at Scottishteevee have unearthed yet another Super Rock gem, a snippet of a television interview the Fleshtones sat for while in Brussels supporting Hexbreaker. Between the "Right Side Of A Good Thing" video and clips of the guys onstage in '82, Peter Zaremba's asked about the garage rock revival. I especially dig his comments starting at the 6:40 mark:
Well, I think that the reason why it was revived was because it was the most direct type of rock and roll, and pure, very pure type of rock and roll, and very minimal. Every once in a while—in all things—you have to get rid of all of the additions and the excess that people put on that don't mean anything, and get down to the meaning, you know? And that was a good place to start. But we're not strictly "garage." That's more of an ethic, and a way of doing things, rather than a style.

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