Saturday, May 29, 2021

Times like those...


"After a time, we got ourselves an apartment in the inner city, close to Tiger Stadium, a short distance from the Wayne State campus. When we weren’t walking around where other 'street people' hung out, we went to Detroit Tiger baseball games. The price of admission to the upper deck bleachers was one dollar. You could bring your own beer into the park, as long as it was in a plastic container. A one-gallon milk jug did the trick, holding exactly ten 12-ounce beers, an amount guaranteed to get you drunk, but well within our capacity in those days. Those upper-deck bleachers were filled with pot smokers, and, as is the custom, joints were passed around indiscriminately. Times like those will surely never be seen again." 

    —Michael Davis, from I Brought Down The MC5

Photo of Tiger Stadium bleachers via Detroit Free Press archives

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