Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Sound Affects @ 40

40 years ago, The Jam released their brilliant Sound Affects. In my latest for The Normal School, I take a long look at an album that's never left my head or my heart.


Dennis said...

Brilliant album from one of my favorite bands of all time. Every one they put out was great, but this one may have been their best. I was fortunate to have seen them on their last US tour in 1982.

Marcus said...

The Jam were my first of course, I never forgot them. I only discovered them in 1979 and Sound Affects was the first of their albums I bought at the time of release.

Really love your article. It took me right back.
I'll go to my grave believing that All Mod Cons, Setting Sons and Sound Affects is the best trilogy of albums released by a British band (it can't touch Dylan's holy trinity, of course)

I think it's their most perfect album. Probably my favourite, but All Mod Cons sometimes sneaks ahead.

Thank you.

Joe Bonomo said...

Thanks for the kind words, Marcus. Means a lot!

And yeah, what a run they had.