Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Let it all out

Paul Williams, from his introduction in The Map: Rediscovering Rock and Roll, a Journey, published in 1988:
To me rock is a living force, resilient and stubborn, outlasting all those who seek to control it, explain it, pigeonhole it, exploit it, own it or understand it. The only thing to do with rock and roll is participate in it. Dance, shout, turn on the radio, buy records, go to concerts, make music yourself, read about it, watch it on TV. Identify with your heroes, even when you know better. Destroy all myths and then watch yourself create new ones, acting from an impulse that is as old as humankind. Say what you’re not, say what you are. Let it all out. Now.
He didn't really need to continue after the first sentence, but of course he did. Virtually every phrase in this brilliant summation of the power of rock and roll serves as a silhouette, or a blank space. Fill them in.

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