Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Turning down the noise

Pitchers and catchers report to work today, and as always for me the news is in graphic contrast to the weather outside. And as I wrote recently, my normal excitement at the start of the long baseball season is muted a bit this year; although it felt good to get it off my chest and I'm looking forward to the long season, I still feel some unease at the state of the sport, if not the game. (Although if MLB tries to introduce runners at second at the start of extra innings....) I mostly think it has to do with the blanket coverage of the game I've come to expect and, to my sensibilities, be overly burdened with. I'm pretty confident that only large-scale disasters perilously affecting thousands of people merit 24/7 coverage, so I'm dialing back the amount of baseball "news" I'm receiving. I'll be cutting back on minute-by-minute social media reports, avoid General Manager Speak as best I can, and attempt to limit my exposure to the game to actual games on the radio and TV, and recaps the next day—is that a thing?—in the news. I'll still reliably read the always reliable Jim Margalus at SoxMachine, but perhaps go for hours between bulletins. Anyway, that's me. I'm turning down the noise a bit.


Oh and I came across this beauty online.

Top, detail from print advertisement for RCA Radio Corporation of America, 1948

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