Saturday, January 20, 2018

South Toledo Talking Blues

The Mods, 1966, left to right: Terry Smith, Larry Music. Larry Smith, horizontal, Fred Jablonski

So baby I know we had a good thing going
And now I see you comin' down the sidewalk and you're playin' your radio
And baby, you knew you done me wrong when you went out with all the high hipsters
But baby now you're back and you're the one whose gonna get a hard way to go

Info on the Mods here.

The Mods recorded the two songs in Toledo, Ohio on the PECK label in the basement of Buzz 


Larry Smith said...

Hello, Larry Smith founding member of The Mods Toledo, Ohio.

Our former website for THe Mods has been taken down, it got a bit too expensive to keep up when the band doesn't exist anymore.

I created a "Free" Facebook page for the band, click on the link below:

Joe Bonomo said...

Thanks for writing, and for the update!