Monday, August 21, 2017

L'American Beat en France

The YouTube channel ScottishTeeVee has posted this beaut, the Fleshtones performing "American Beat" (into "Everybody Needs Somebody") on French television in March of 1985. This must've been filmed during the band's residency at the Gibus in Paris, well-documented on the Speed Connection albums. Never lose that beat!


nico said...

Saw them a couple of times in Paris in the 80's, first at the Palace -
the gig ended up on the street - and at the Gibus (with the Dogs opening) where they recorded those 2 "Speed connection" live albums.
They were fresh, fun, exciting and so cool !
Love those guys.

Joe Bonomo said...

Great shows to see! I write about both of 'em in detail in Sweat!