Saturday, February 18, 2017

This Grand Show

A few of Richard Renaldi's terrific photographs from his exhibition This Grand Show at Benrubi Gallery in New York City, from Spring 2014. Renaldi captures that dissolving line between heralded arrival and slow departure, amusement and abandonment, as human and heartbreaking, and as stubborn, an intersection as there is. Grand show, indeed.
ChallengeR, Hawi, Hawaii, 2007
Igloo, Homer, Alaska, 2008
Maxime, Cairo, Illinois, 2008
Sumatra, Montana, 2009

Galaxy 8122, Los Angeles, California, 2005
Dodge, Miami, Florida, 2011


Anonymous said...

Was just south of Cairo last week, in Paducah KY, and saw a similar storefront, its marble entranceway embellished with the store's name. I briefly stopped and took note of what an era it was when such care was used in construction. Of course this majestic thing was now an antique mall (got a great Speedy West solo LP for three bucks, incidentally).

Joe Bonomo said...

Rockford, Illinois has a similar theater front downtown.