Monday, December 26, 2016

"That homemade thing": Super Rock on MTV

In recognition of the Fleshtones' 40th anniversary in May of this year, I've been combing through the Sweat: The Story of The Fleshtones, America's Garage Band and online archives for some little-seen nuggets. Courtesy of Mike Ziegler on YouTube comes this beauty, a full feature on the band that was broadcast in July of 1983 on MTV's The Cutting Edge—which just happened to be hosted by Peter Zaremba. Watch the guys promote Hexbreaker, chat about music, goof around flipping burgers in an L.A. hamburger joint, and run through a (lip-synced) version of "Want!" This feels like a long, long time ago.

Keith Streng: "When you get down to it, what garage rock is, it's like everything you listen to gets incorporated into one sound, which becomes your own sound. That's what garage rock really is. I mean, it's not like you have to go out of your way to become a garage band by trying to sound like a garage band. It should happen naturally." 

Peter Zaremba: "We get most of our ideas when we sleep, or dancing to someone else's music, or driving in a car. I don't know what that adds up to, but I think the guy that sits down and says, 'I must compose the masterpiece now,' generally is not gonna really get a Super Rock type of sound."



Steve Coleman said...

A very good definition of a garage band from Keith. Use the technology at hand and create by bouncing off the music all around you. Never seen the lip sync footage for "Want" before. The band look and sound the business.

Joe Bonomo said...