Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Happy 40th Anniversary, Fleshtones!" from the World

The Fleshtones debuted at CBGB on May 19, 1976, 40 years ago today. “We were very wound up and blasted out our handful of songs at a ridiculously fast tempo,” Peter remembers in Sweat. “Still, people liked us and some even danced along, an unusual event at super-cool CBGB’s. We were invited back for another audition.

“Finally, we were a real band.”

In recognition of the Fleshtones' 40th anniversary, Parisian Super Rock fans Carole Bigaud and René Simon have compiled an International Happy Birthday video for Keith, Peter, Bill, and Ken (and by extension, Lenny, Marek, and Gordon), the cheers from fellow musicians, friends, and fans coming from all corners of the world. Sending their best are:
Died Pretty, Andy Shernoff, Southern Culture On The Skids, Bernard and Mika Laurent, Cathy Mini, Crummy Stuff, The Dustaphonics, Hoodoo Gurus, Vibeke Saugestad, Emmanuelle Jowa, Nascha Streng, Dana Saravia, Sam Novak & Isabelle, Jean-Pierre Soulignac, Jimmy Descant, The Vindicators, Laine Berman, Marc Minelli, Phast Freddie & Nancy Garder, Ludwig Dahllöf, The Jackets, Ivan Andreini, The Parisian Beat (Thomas, Nath, Pascal, Miss M from Space, Gabba, Carole, and René), T Birds Bassano, Yuri Margarine, Gail Wetton, Anita Verdun (& Family), Handsome Dick Manitoba & Palmyra Delran, Fran Fried, The Nomads, Dom Mariani, The Midnight Kings (Fabrizia Perlin, Domenico Denti, Allesandro Montrasi, Simona Badsimo, Tiziano Carozzi, and Corrado Montanaro), Linda Pitmon & Steve Wynn, Anne Tek, Tony Truant, Marc Tison, Kim & Alex Sharpe, Katia Samson, Violent Femmes, Les Grys Grys, Parker Dulany from Certain General, Gabba, Lindsay Hutton, Fuzzy Vox, Randy Johnston & Michael Shink, Emily Seah & Robert Jaz, Eduardo of Flaming Sideburns, Jimmy Gracia, "The Professor" Mighty Manfred of The Woggles, Bébert Playboys, Johnny Hentch, Saxon, Wendy Case, KellyJean Caldwell, and Birdie, Daddy Long Legs, Certain General, Pierre Ivanov, Max Lebreton, and Carole & René.
Watch all of the Super Well Wishes here:


Anonymous said...

Sorry,I couldn't send my contribution,I wished this 40th Birthday straight to my idols at Montpelier gig..
Chris Begood

Joe Bonomo said...

That's the way to do it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! The early photograph of this incredibly cool band.