Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fleshtones, Early Posing, Ctd.

More from the Sweat: The Story of the Fleshtones, America's Garage Band archives: details from three contact sheets of never-before-seen photographs taken in 1980 by Fran Pelzman in New York City. Drummer Bill Milhizer had just joined the band in the spring and, judging by the fellas' short sleeves and the good light, these photos look like they were taken in the summer, perhaps on the west side of Manhattan or out in Brooklyn. "Meatpacking District, High Line," Peter Zaremba thinks. "We did a lot of photo shoots on the High Line, I think also with the Go-Gos. If only the droves of tourists knew." Milhizer confirms: "Yes, these were at the high line," adding, "where we are no longer welcome, unless I hit the Lotto." When these hopeful promotional pics were snapped, the Fleshtones had just signed with Miles Copeland at I.R.S. Records and were about to head out to Los Angeles to record the Up-Front EP.  The Party was just getting into gear.

©Fran Pelzman/all rights reserved

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frances pelzman said...

Hi there. Just came across this. Thank you for the photo credit. May I point out it was not Fran Pelzman for Meridian photographics. Meridian was the name of the lab. Photo credit should read: ©Fran Pelzman/all rights reserved. Again, Thank you for the photo credit, I appreciate it.
Frances Pelzman

Joe Bonomo said...

Thanks for writing, Frances. Corrections made!