Wednesday, December 9, 2015

End-of-the-Year Roundup

This year I explored more Origin Stories here and (aided and abetted by great artwork by Liam Golden) here, wrestled with Elvis Costello's 650-page memoir, drove a Brand New Cadillac, lived bafflement, clarity, and malice with Costello, Sam & Dave, Patsy Cline, and Peter Handke, wondered (again) about a blurry family whom I can't shake, pitched in with tips on How To Write About Music, and trailed singer and songwriter Greg Cartwright through his many changes.

I also talked with and about archivist and collector Jim Linderman in The Birth of Rock and Roll, and chatted about Jerry Lee Lewis and music with Patrick Yarber here and John Wisniewski here.

Thanks to everyone who read and to the editors who gave these essays/interviews/pieces/whatevers their homes. See you in 2016.

"Origin Stories" art in The Rumpus by Liam Golden

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