Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Ain't Going To The Bar Tonight"

American Aquarium
I really love this song from American Aquarium's Dances For The Lonely (2009). The song nails an old, old story, that inexorable creep from self-confidence to haplessness, from good to evil, discipline to helplessness, order to chaos. Etc. He's staying away from the bar tonight because he heard she's back in town—nope, turns out he knows she's back in town—he's not going to see her tonight—nope, turns, out he's going after all, and he'll probably see her there, no, he will see her there, the inevitable conclusion to this sorry tale.

Best word in the song? The "probably" steeped in denial. Topped only by the line in the bridge: I hope you know what you're doing to me. As if she hears him, as if he matters.

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