Thursday, July 16, 2015

Twitty and Kitty, a Trucker and his Girl: More fun with Country Music

Life on and off the long road, ca the mid-1960s. A truck driver bonds with a truck stop jukebox on his way out the door, while the waitress behind the counter pines for her own truck drivin' man.

"Truck Drivin' Man" (Terry Fell)

Well I stopped at a roadhouse in Texas
Was a little place called Hamburger Dan's
And I heard that old jukebox a playing
a song about a truck drivin' man

Pour me another cup of coffee
for it is the best in the land
I'll put a nickel in the jukebox
and play the "Truck Drivin' Man"

The waitress just poured me some coffee
I thanked her and called her again
I said that old song sure does fit me
'cause I'm a truck drivin' man

I climbed back aboard my old semi
and then like a flash I was gone
I got them old truck wheels a rolling
yeah I'm on my way to San Antone

"My Big Truck Drivin' Man" (Hank Mills)

I'm just a waitress at this truck stop
I keep the jukebox playing and the coffee hot
Temptation's everywhere but I must stand
I'm in love with my big truck drivin' man

I keep lookin' out the window, he's on my mind
He's been gone almost a week this time
I can't wait till he walks through that door again
Oh how I miss my big truck drivin' man

I'll ask him if he feels the way I do
I can almost hear him saying "I love you"
We'll walk through the jukebox hand in hand
and he'll kiss me, my big truck drivin' man

I call him the Truckstop Pinball King
'cause he knows how to beat that old machine
He's savin' money to buy me a wedding band
Oh how I love my big truck drivin' man

Photo via Restaurant-ing through history

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