Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Billboard Country Music ads, ctd.

More fun with the traditions and tropes of 1960s country music, via Billboard.

Johnny Bond's wrestling old demons, his sympathetically-portrayed wife looking on unkindly:

 Hank's down at the pawn shop again:

While Buck Owens and Sheb Wooley (not to mention Jimmy Dean) are looking sharp:

Little Jimmy Dickens is prideful:

While Norma Jean's singing about the blue-collar gals:

And Carl Smith's going under:

Meanwhile, from 1971, Betty Jo Bangs—not "Bongs," though the misprint is hilarious—might've been hopeful, but "Daddy Was A Preacher, Mama Was a Go Go Girl" was destined to be a cult hit, and one of my all-time favorites:

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