Saturday, January 24, 2015

Married Life, Narrated by Billboard Country Music Ads, Ctd.

Country music songs have much to tell us about the ups and downs of domestic life. So do their Billboard advertisements.

For every happy, singing family...
There are a host of dillemmas, temptations, and complications lurking within jukeboxes and behind closed doors and forgetting minds.

Jeannie C. Riley reminds us of a woman's place:

While Susan Rowe vows never to fall for the follies of a two a.m. romance:

Then again, it's 1975, and Loretta Lynn contemplates the new, next-day facts of life:

Faron Young, hands astride hips, resolutely contemplates the kind of girl he wants to end up with, for a night, anyway:

Meanwhile, George "Hello I'm A Jukebox" Kent, Del Reeves, and Johnny Bond remind us what gets men and women in these troubles in the first place:
And poor Doyle Holly just wants to forget it all. Hell, he'll wake up tomorrow morning a better man, the kind who sings with his family around the table in the kitchen. I'm scared to even listen to this song.

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