Saturday, November 29, 2014

Triptych: 8-Track Fail

Back at the old childhood basement, two of my brothers and I hooked up our Sound Design 8-Track player from back in the day. Yes, "The White Album," Beach Boys, KISS, the Who, America: they all came back via magnetic tape, four tracks, and the brutal cachung of the manual track-selector button. We'd forgotten just how lame and unfriendly, not to mention inefficient, was 8-Track technology: ugly red plastic cases, no fast-forwarding or rewinding, songs re-sequenced to fit the track time-limits, or rudely divided in between tracks. How did we put up this?

And, alas, the inevitable disappointment: while we were grooving to "Brown Sugar" on Made In The Shade, the tape was eaten alive, usually the sad denouement of music in the Basement Era.


Unknown said...

Not that it helps but some units had fast forward. I also has a Sound Design. Believe it was a Sears item.

Joe Bonomo said...

I think it was a Sears!

Kurt said...

I got my Soundesign at the Thrifty drug store. An all-in-one unit, with speakers, for (I think) $29.95.