Friday, November 21, 2014

Dateline: Greenpoint Tavern, Brooklyn

Among my many mementos from working on Sweat: The Story Of The Fleshtones, America's Garage Band is this swank beer coaster from the Greenpoint Tavern, near and dear to several members of the band during the years I researched and wrote the book (1999 to 2004). Located on Bedford Avenue, the GT has no bottles, only Budwesier on tap, proudly served. Like it or split. I managed to remember to snag this following one of my long, cracked liquid interviews with drummer Bill Milhizer, who was a grinning regular at the Tavern in those days, when Williamsburg was in its nascent stages as Hipsterville USA.


Armed with ideas, the Fleshtones celebrated the Greenpoint Tavern (along with other favorite NYC watering holes) in "A Motor Needs Gas" on Laboratory Of Sound (1995). Pardon us for living, but the graveyard's full....

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