Monday, June 9, 2014

Because no one asked, here are my 10 favorite guitar solos

Mind you, these are my favorite solos, not what one might objectively determine "the best" solos. I'm not a fan of excessive virtuosity. And I reserve the right to amend this list tomorrow. Anyway, play loud.

Elvis Presley, "Good Rockin' Tonight," 1954
Guitarist: Scotty Moore

Rockin' Rebels, "Wild Weekend," 1962
Guitarist: Aldo Brozzetti

The Beatles, "I Saw Her Standing There," 1963
Guitarist: George Harrison

Chuck Berry, "No Particular Place To Go," 1964
Guitarist: ?

The Kinks, "'Till The End Of The Day," 1965
Guitarist: Dave Davies

Johnny Rivers, "Secret Agent Man," 1966
Guitarist: John Henry Ramistella [aka, Agent Rivers]

The Troggs, "I Want You," b-side, 1966
Guitarist: Chris Britton

The Rolling Stones, "Respectable," Some Girls, 1978
Guitarist: Keef [first solo]

The Beat, "Don't Wait Up For Me," The Beat, 1978
Guitarist: Larry Whitman

Switchblade, "She Makes Me Rock Too Much," 1981
Guitarist: Ratso

Nashville Pussy, "Come On Come On," Get Some!, 2005
Guitarist:  Ruyter Suys


Anonymous said...

Fast train to Georgia billy jo shaver ft eddy on guitar

Anonymous said...

in the Elvis realm, "Tryin' to Get to You" and "Too Much."

M_Sharp said...

Dave Edmunds "From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)".

I should have a few more eventually.