Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"In The Morning I'll Rise Above"

I have a new music essay out in The Normal School, Saturday night rejoicing and Sunday morning repenting with Ishmon Bracey, Red Foley and The Cumberland Valley Boys, John Fogerty, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Blasters, Green Day, Ted Daffan’s Texans, Webb Pierce and His Southern Valley Boys, Ty Segall, and The Nighthawks.
Saturday night brings both pledges and lies of limitlessness, of a night never ending, a jukebox always playing, dance partners always spinning, car wheels revolving on roads that never end in daylight. But no matter how it’s beerily dismissed, or blithely ignored in the clutch-and-heave of Saturday night lovemaking, Sunday always comes.
A handful of those tunes:

“Saturday Blues,” Ishmon Bracey (78-rpm single, 1928)

“Tennessee Saturday Night,” Red Foley and The Cumberland Valley Boys (78- rpm single, 1948)

“Almost Saturday Night,” John Fogerty (John Fogerty, 1975)

“Sunday Morning Coming Down,” Jerry Lee Lewis (Mean Old Man, 2010)

“Just Another Sunday,” The Blasters (Hard Line, 1985)

“Church On Sunday,” Green Day (Warning, 2000)

“I Got Religion On Saturday Night,” Webb Pierce and His Southern Valley Boys (78-rpm, b-side, 1951)

“Thank God For Sinners,” Ty Segall (Twins, 2012) 

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