Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wisdom from Rachel Nagy

It's about feeding off of people. That crowd's energy, it's huge. Nowadays, everyone thinks they're a hipster and ironic, and they want to stand around and analyze what's happening. Get out there and dance. That's the point of live music. Dance around, meet a pretty girl. It's not to stand against the back wall and analyze and write for your stupid blog. Everyone's blogging and taking pictures and they forget to enjoy what they're actually doing. I guess that's more advice for the audience, but the band too. While you're there, do it. Be there. You can talk about the memories later. We only need a couple photographers in the world. We only need a couple writers. 
Rachel Nagy, from a great interview with Gary Schwind at Examiner, the whole of which is worth reading. 


Now listen to these. Then re-read the above. Then go see a show.

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Rockin' Mike said...

Great interview indeed, thanks for the link, Joe. "You're Joe Blow! You're a person, not a brand!" I'm going to see Low Cut Connie on Saturday night, it should be a good time.