Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Infinity: Some Q's and A's

I spoke with Dan Klefstad on WNIJ's "Morning Edition" today about This Must Be Where My Obsession With Infinity Began, memories, and Facebook, among other topics. If you missed it, the interview's here, and there's also audio of me reading two essays from the book, "The Blur Family" and "Occasional Prayer."

Recent interviews about my new book here, here and here.

This Must Be Where My Obsession With Infinity Began is a collection of essays that interrogates the dark edges of my suburban youth and explores issues of spirituality, sex, violence, and myth. From the memory of a rebellious Catholic schoolgirl to a coming-of-age story in a porn theater, I turn a prism lens on desire and faith and the body’s role in both, and ultimately questions the fallibility as well as the enduring power of memory.

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