Thursday, April 11, 2013

Abandoned, Ctd.

Disused bridge, P.A. Nehring Forest Preserve. DeKalb, Illinois.


Six weeks later:


Wayne said...

Hi, first I must say I enjoy your DeKalb posts. I'm with a facebook group called DeKalb IL Remember When. Its all about nostalgia and history. I shared this post with the group, we think we found where it is but we're stumped as to who built it and why and when. It appears to be a 1900 - 1920 era bridge and old maps show their was no road there and that the Nerhings and Ellwoods did own the property at different times in the early 20th Century. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wayne DeMunn

Joe Bonomo said...

Hi Wayne, thanks for reading and writing. Your guess is probably better than mine, as I'm not a DeKalb native. I spotted the bridge from N 1st just before the intersection with Bethany. I parked at the Nehring Forest Preserve and found the bridge via the paths. It stands at the end of the backyard of the last house on 1st before Bethany. Could the bridge have been a pedestrian/foot path bridge? I always assumed that it was/is part of the Forest Preserve.