Thursday, February 28, 2013

One of my favorite R&R moments occurs before the song begins

Overheard, Chess Studios, Chicago IL, Bo Diddley to drummer Frank Kirkland while recording "Dearest Darling," which appeared on Diddley's self-titled debut in 1958:

Bo: Frank, can you, can you put that, that—what you just did in there— all the way through, brrrhmmm-cha, brrrhmmm-cha, brrrrrrhmmm-cha, bmm, you know? 'Cause that makes it feel more full, you know? brrrhmmm-cha. There ya go, yeah, yeah, yeah, that it!!

Perpetual motion machine that it is, even Bo's beat needed some fine tuning once in a while.


Unknown said...

Oh, yeah!

Anonymous said...

to piggy-back above comment:

"Everything gonna be alright, this mornin'!"

I remember in the mid 80's they rolled out the Bo reissues for about 5 bucks apiece. Made me glad to be an American....

Joe Bonomo said...

Bob and anon I might add, "I feel alright, too!"