Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Write Me

Over at Pubmission, the editors run a weekly writing exercise.  This week in "Parroting Toward Voice" followers are asked to rewrite one of my paragraphs from "Into The Fable" from Brevity using the voice of a writer or writers they admire:
I think we find our voice by copying the voices of others. In the same manner that we take on the speech patterns of our best friends, that we try to listen to the same music as our older siblings, that we wear the clothes of the people we think are cool, as writers we imitate the writers we admire until something golden and new emerges.
I'm grateful for this opportunity to see my voice translated.  And I'm curious. Here's hoping someone takes a shot at channelling Alison BechdelLester Bangs?  Danielle Steele?

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