Wednesday, September 28, 2011

True by definition

We can define truth baldly, as “what is and what happens.” But when a man tells a lie, it actually does happen that he tells it, and that it is a truth. His awareness of telling the lie is another truth.  The truth he conceals, but knows about, is another truth.  The consequences of his lie, which follow mechanically in his conscience which he perhaps doesn’t know about, are another truth. Other hidden feelings of the moment, which used the material of the lie to express themselves slyly yet perhaps quite boldly, are another truth, and so on.  In one lie, there speaks a whole family of truths.  His words shape the lie, but the truths speak through distortions of his vocal chords, his expression, his gestures, and by come electrical flash that we call telepathy.

—Ted Hughes, "Orghast: Talking Without Words," Occasional Prose


My pockets are out and running about, barking in the street to tell what I have hidden there.

R.E.M., "Life And How To Live It"

Truth exit sign via Souls Converge 

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