Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super Rock at the Sycamore Film Festival

On Friday, September 23 I'll be appearing at the Sycamore Film Festival along with filmmaker Geoffray Barbier, director of the feature-length documentary on the Fleshtones Pardon Us For Living But The Graveyard's Full.  The documentary will screen at the Sycamore State Theater at 5 pm, and afterward Barbier and I will do a Q & A.  That night, the Fleshtones will play at Blumen Gardens, a very cool and unique spot a half mile from the theater.

It's bound to be a blast, and with the documentary, even informative!  This is the first time that the Fleshtones, Barbier,  and I have gathered together (formally, that is).  I hope that if you're in the greater Chicagoland/Illinois area you can make this special event.

Tickets—including a "Friday Fleshtones Package" which provides a free shuttle bus to and from Blumen Gardens—here.  Info on the great film festival itself here.

To paraphrase Peter Zaremba, the Fleshtones can't be held responsible for the kind of night you have if you stay home!  Hope to see ya there!


UPDATE: facebook pics of the great night here.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, being a Fleshtones fan for a v. long time I´d agree with the band´s comment - a continuation of "Sweat!" would definitely be in order to keep us "Fleshtonians" (Spain-based & based elsewhere)happy in between the band´s tours!.