Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Origin Story

On M*A*S*H episode Burns was talking to Hot Lips on the phone and said, “A weekend can be a lifetime if you use it right" and she rolled her eyes or winced and clearly the line was played for laughs — the laugh track insisted  — but a part of me deep down thought, No I get it, of course, a weekend can be a lifetime if you use it right and maybe I was holding out hope against a fading Sunday evening dreadfully leaning into the politics of Monday morning, or maybe it was another part of me that already got time, that understood, that intuited somehow the subjective nature of it all, the clock on the wall ticking backwards, the eternal moments in the basement, the crab apple tree, the bike whipping into the infinite dark of the woods, knew that time is how you define it, stretch it, ignore it, run from it, that a weekend can be a lifetime if only I could use it right, how to do that, how to do that, any nascent philosophizing on the nature of reality popped into oblivion yet again at the site of Hot Lips' thighs.

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