Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Essay By Numbers



1. Note that areas for essaying are marked with numbers.  These numbers correspond to subjects shown below.  Refer to this subject guide as you work.

2. Begin essaying at the beginning, middle, or end, filling in all subject areas marked by the same number.

3. Note that some subjects must be mixed to give greater variety in subject.  When mixing these subjects, begin with the "most pleasing" and add small amounts of the "less pleasing" until desired subject is obtained (or avoided or misremembered entirely).  Mix enough language to cover all corresponding numbered areas.

4. For a pleasant past, add more sentimentality to subjects.  Otherwise, subjects should be used full strength.  You may wish to separate and define certain subject areas by using thin black lines of wishful thinking.

5. Remain within the outline.  Don't blur.  You won't be able to do this.

6. Don't look too hard at your essay.  You might miss something.


1. What you don't know
2. Joy
3. Shame
4. Love/lust
5. Fear
6. What you wish happened
7. What you recall to the best of your ability
8. What you don't remember
9. What you're ignoring
10. Commentary

Subjects should be tightly closed after essaying, or they may dry out.  If you think you're finished, you're not.

Thinking Boy image via Fun Draw.  Instructions more-or-less lifted from the great Paint By Number Museum.

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