Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A reminder

The folks at Continuum Books are running a contest.  Winner receives an autographed copy of Highway to Hell:
The rules for this contest are simple: Why do you love (or hate) AC DC in 500 words or less.
Go wild, images encouraged.  Deadline: Monday, November 8th.
Email submissions to

**UPDATE 11/12**

And the winner is James Brubaker, for whom cousins, weddings, and a particular song will never be the same again:
My cousin eased his new wife into a chair, and then as soon as his knee hit the floor, the DJ pulled the old switch-a-roo, busted out "You Shook Me All Night Long." Instead of reaching up his wife's dress, my cousin stuck his whole head up there, removed the garter with his teeth. That was fucked, man. Have you ever seen your cousin stick his head up his wife's dress and remove her garter with his teeth? That shit stays with you. Until then, I really loved AC/DC. Now when I hear them, "You Shook Me..." specifically, I remember the shock of that moment. So fuck AC/DC. And fuck my cousin, Steve.


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fuquinay said...

I would enter the contest just for the book, but I have never liked the band enough to do anything except cringe when they came on the radio.

Your blog layout is perfect.

I am here from Joe Mackall's page, sniffing a lead because I thought I knew you from Baltimore from back in the day. But perhaps not. I think I have just read you.

Well, carry on. :-D